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National Prevention Week
National Prevention Week is a national public education platform showcasing the work of communities and organizations across the country dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of substance misuse prevention and positive mental health.
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National Prevention Week promotes the world we want to see—where prevention helps keep people and communities healthy and safe.

May 7th - 13th, 2023

Monday, May 8th Join us at the Tualatin City Council for our National Prevention Week Proclamation

Wednesday, May 10th National Fentanyl Awareness Day

Thursday, May 11th "The First Day Film" Food/Vendor Fair and Film Viewing @ Tualatin High School Commons

Herren Wellnes
Tualatin Together along with LEAP Youth Alliance will be hosting a "First Day Film" watch party on Thursday May 11th in the Tualatin High School Commons. This is an important community event that we have included as part of our National Prevention Week, "A Celebration of Possibility," activities.  We know that as adults, we have a responsibility to do everything we can to make sure our young people grow up to have healthy, strong futures. We believe that if we can support safe conversations around WHY youth choose to use substances to cope with their lives, we can turn down the boiling point of youth use. This film is best for students grades 6-12. Childcare will be offered.
6:00pm     Doors open to food, drink  and vendors
6:45pm     The First Day Film Begins
7:45pm      Discussion Groups
8:15pm      Adjourn

A post film conversation will be guided by Carrie Bates - Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, a trusted adult who is and expert in the topic of prevention and youth who seek to make their world a better place. You will have conversation guides as part of the watch party package for note taking and conversations beyond this event.

Investing your time watching 'The First Day Film' will be a fulfilling event and we are dedicated to giving you some comforts and resources to ensure that happens for you and the people you choose to watch with. The film is in English and with Spanish subtitles.


First Day


Chris Herren and Emmy Award Winning Director, Jonathan Hock, bring you The First Day, a film project and educational curricula presented by Partnership to End Addiction and Cigna focusing on the struggles facing youth today. Through the power of storytelling, The First Day addresses issues that school systems, communities and people across the country are impacted by, directly or indirectly, each day including substance use, other harmful behaviors and mental wellness. Chris Herren, is able to tackle the most difficult issues with a unique connection that can be felt through the lens of the camera. His words resonate and make an impact with a focus on the beginning; The First Day.    
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