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Tualatin Together was originally created by a group of concerned parents in 1990. Tualatin High School had just opened and there was a notable increase in the awareness of substance abuse amongst the youth in the community. As a drug-free community coalition, Tualatin Together formed formal collaborative arrangements among groups and organizations within the community to prevent and reduce youth substance use, including prescription drug abuse and tobacco use, within the community.

In 2014, Tualatin Together was awarded a five-year Drug-Free Communities (DFC) award. TT was awarded a second and final five-year award from the DFC in 2019. The DFC program has been a central, bipartisan component of our nation’s demand reduction strategy since its passage in 1998 because it recognizes that the drug issue must be dealt with in every home town in America. In order for a Drug-Free Communities Coalition to be successful at reducing youth drug, alcohol, and tobacco use over time, it must have widespread community involvement. The sectors of the coalition required by the DFC are listed below.

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Tualatin Together is fortunate to have active coalition members in all twelve sectors as well as the Recovery sector. With the support of our community partners, Tualatin Together is able to identify community needs regarding youth substance misuse and mental health issues. Using evidence-based practices, the coalition works to develop prevention strategies that address the needs specific to the Tualatin youth community.


Using a trauma-informed lens, Tualatin Together takes data-driven prevention strategies from vision to practice. With every new strategy, results are monitored and evaluated, sustaining the programs that work best for our community’s youth. TT’s primary focus is to prevent youth consumption of marijuana, alcohol, and vaping. Tualatin Together also works to facilitate positive mental health norms for youth through education and community connection. In addition to the DFC grant, Tualatin Together receives funding from Washington County and a substantial in-kind contribution from the Tigard-Tualatin School District.

Coalition Sectors

Civic - Paul Morrison

Schools – Susan Salkield

Youth – Darren Tingy

Parent – Sue Wise

Business – Laura Freer

Media – Michael Atonelli

Youth-Serving Organization – Ross Hoover

Law Enforcement – Chief Bill Steele

Religious or Fraternal Organization – Mark Began

Healthcare – Susan Gage

State/Local/Government – Bernardino DeLaTorre

Organization Involved in Reducing Substance Misuse – Pam Pearce